San Diego Festival Chorus




Upcoming Concert

Come enjoy a program of classical and popular music as the San Diego Festival Chorus presents its

Annual Spring Concert

3pm on Sunday, April 29, 2018, at the College Avenue Baptist Church, 4747 College Ave., San Diego


The first half of the program will feature Rutter's Requiem. Rutter has said of this work: "It was particularly important in this case to write music that could be appreciated by people everywhere...It is very much a two-way piece and one to which people will always have a personal response." Come hear this magnificent piece for yourself.

The second half of the program features choral versions of two wonderful selections of American music. "West Side Story," reflected race and class issues in the America of the fifties and sixties in song and dance, ending with the song "Somewhere." "The Wizard of Oz," the 1939 American movie, brings us joyful songs, including "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  Both of these end with the enduring American theme of  hopes and dreams.