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Ticket Sales Resources

Concert flyer in color that you can download, save, and email to your friends as an attachment. We will have plenty of the color versions available for you to pick up at our Monday rehearsals. The alternate B&W version can be downloaded, saved and printed on colored paper.

2017 Spring - Flyer (in picture format for emailing) -jpg

2017 Spring - Flyer (in B&W) for printing - PDF

Tony's Invitation letter for you to download, edit and send


1. Print the flyer with your invitation letter on the back and mail them to your friends.
2. Write an email to your friends and attach the color flyer. Don't forget to include your contact information for tickets!


Facebook posting. You can copy the text below and paste it into your Facebook status. Of course, feel free to personalize the wording after you have pasted it and before you click Post. Facebook will automatically display the concert poster and the website address as long as the part is included in the posting.

The San Diego Festival Chorus ( will hold its annual Spring on May 3. Over 130 talented musicians (singers, soloists, and full orchestra) will get you ready for Spring and Summer! For our Sunday, May 7 concert we will perform Mozart's Requiem. The second portion of our program features a salute to Andrew Lloyd Webber. Tickets are available from any chorus member, on our website, or by calling 619-448-1926


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