San Diego Festival Chorus



Board and Committee Chairs

Board 2016 - 2017

President - Barbara Eisele

Vice President - Sten Bjernefalt

Secretary – Nancy Roger

Treasurer - Lori Graf

Directors 2015-2017
John Cooney
Al Renaud

Directors 2016 - 2018
Richard Curry
Susie Millett

Music Director - Anthony V. Mostardo

Associate Director and Accompanist - Ron Councell

Past President - Dorothy Comber

Committee Chairs and Special Assistance

Advertising Sales - John Fistere
Assistant to the Music Director - Greta Edwards-Mostardo
Chorus Notes - Kim Cooney
Concert DVDs/CDs - Gerry Kowalski
Concert Refreshments - Pat Bjernfalt
Facilities - Sten Bjernefalt, Lai Pham, Art Geisler, Al Renaud
Flyer and Concert Program Design and Production - Carol Knudsen
Historian - Barbara Eisele
Mailing List - Barbara Eisele
Member Communications - Nancy Roger
Membership Registration/Librarian - Sylvia Anderly
Membership Directory - Nancy Roger
Publicity - Teresa Fistere
Rehearsal Fund Raising - Barbara Eisele and Terri Segel
Retirement Community Coordinator - Rebecca Emerson 
Stage Manager - Al Renaud
Tickets - Renata McLaughlin
Training Materials - Ron Councell, Gerry Kowalski
Ushers - Aline King
Webmaster - Patricia Dintrone

Section Leaders

Soprano - Carolyn Lawson
Alto - Lori Graf
Tenor - Ray Jones
Bass - John Cooney


Past Presidents

Diana Culver    2000-2001
John Fistere   2001 - 2005
Doreen Ayling 2005 - 2008
Dorothy Comber 2009-2016


Past Directors

Gerry Bartholomew
Sten Bjernefalt
Jackie Boehmke
Joanne Chretien
John Cooney
Richard Curry
Rebecca Emerson
Art Geisler
Lori Graf
Linda Kennedy
Sandy Linn
Sylvia Malvaez
Bette McGoyne
Nancy Mulcahy
Al Renaud 
Cindy Windsor
Dorothy Wise
Bette Zurcher